Chapter 7 – A Walk In The Park

This is not your usual walk in some park in a suburb; we are talking about South Luangwa National Park! A few days ago, a woman was trampled to death by an elephant as she was gathering firewood. Despite such terrifying news, Chris and Serena dare themselves to go on a walking safari. Do they get confronted by any wild animals? Do they finish their walk without a scratch? What adventures wait aheadĀ in this stunning park with exotic creatures?

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Chapter 6 – Into The Wilderness

Chris and Serena spend their second day in South Luangwa by going on game drives. Serena reminisces about an old school trip and gets back at Chris for laughing at her the previous day. Chris has a close encounter with a beast in the wild. How will their eventful day pass?

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Chapter 5 – A Stumble Into The Bush

Chris and Serena travel to South Luangwa for a couple of days to experience life in the wild. Though Chris is well acquainted with the present situation in Zambia, Serena is mostly caught unawares throughout their journey because she hasn’t been in the country for so many years now. How do the friends deal with the adventures they have on their first day to South Luangwa?

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