Chapter 5 – A Stumble Into The Bush

Chris and Serena travel to South Luangwa for a couple of days to experience life in the wild. Though Chris is well acquainted with the present situation in Zambia, Serena is mostly caught unawares throughout their journey because she hasn’t been in the country for so many years now. How do the friends deal with the adventures they have on their first day to South Luangwa?

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Chapter 4 – A Very Old Friend

How will Serena and Chris enjoy their first Saturday in the capital of Zambia? Serena wakes up early anxious to find out how the day will pan out. Chris takes Serena to the Saturday market to enjoy good food and the buying of some souvenirs. After that Chris has a surprise for Serena. How will she react to his surprise? And what do they think of the nightlife of Lusaka?

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Chapter 3 – Friends and Flashbacks

Serena and Chris explore Lusaka. They have a tour around the city in which they grew up and knew so intimately. Chris comes back often, so adjustment to the Lusaka lifestyle is easy for him.  Serena on the other hand left the country as a teenager and now comes back confronted by memories of how it was back then and how much Lusaka has changed and looks now. How does Serena feel seeing Lusaka in broad daylight? Has Chris prepared himself well for the journey?

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Chapter 2 – Touchdown Lusaka

Serena and Chris arrive at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport after some interesting plane journeys and finally meet each other after years and years of separation. Do they find it difficult to get along, or is physical distance merely overrated? Chris and Serena share their thoughts on the moment they meet after 8 years.

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Chapter 1 – At the Airport

Serena and Chris start their journeys from different parts of the world. Whereas Chris flies from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to Lusaka, Zambia, Serena takes a longer route from Mumbai, India, to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and then to Lusaka finally.

In Chapter 1, Serena and Chris sit at the airports at Amsterdam and Addis Ababa waiting for their flights, thinking about their journeys ahead and planning their long awaited reunion.

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